Ponderosa Choir Program

3281 Coach Lane

Cameron Park, CA

​(530) 677-8677

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Tuesday,      October 27,          3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

Tuesday,      November 3,        3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

                                                 7:30pm  -    ARC Invitational

Tuesday,      November 10,      3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

                                                 6:30pm  -    BOOSTER MEETING

Wednesday, November 11,      Chamber Choir Veteran's Day Performance

Monday,       November 16,      3pm-4pm     Caberet Solo/Small Group Auditions

Tuesday,      November 17,      3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

Thur-Sat       November 19-21                    Regional Honor Choir

Tuesday,      November 24,      3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

Tuesday,      December 1,        3:00pm  -   Chamber Choir Practice

                                                 6:30pm  -   BOOSTER MEETING

Wednesday, December 2,       2:30pm  -   Combined Winter Concert Rehearsal

Thursday,     December 3,       Chamber Choir Caroling - CP Rotary Dinner

Saturday,     December 5,        Chamber Choir Caroling - Social Club


Available for booking to perform at your event.